Bela Palace

The palace was residence of Rajabahadur Visheshwar Singh the younger brother of Maharajadhiraj Kameshwar Singh. The building is very beautiful with modern europian architecture and surounded with a very beautiful and rich garden. The building has its own campus called Bela Garden. The Rajabahadur was very popular for his love to wild animals and was have two Royal Bengal Tigers in his residencial campus caged near south west corner of campus due to which the road crossing at that corner is called "Bagh More", the campus has a pond and this was the house of crocodiles and aligators which ware pets of Rajabahadur.

This campus was sold to government of india by the Royal Family of Darbhanga, and today one of few postal training colleges of india is runing here, where trainees of throughout india selected for postal service of india get trained here. Infront of Bela garden there is Kalyani Niwash the today Residence of Maharani Adhirani Kamsundri and the office of Kalyani Foundation.

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