Shyama Temple Complex

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Shyama Temple is just one KM west of Darbhanga Railway Station. It is situated in the picturesque and peerless Lalit Narayan Mithila University. In fact it is private cremation groumd of Darbhanga Raj Royal family and temples have been build upon the cremates of the ancestors of the Royal family. Shyama Temple is one of them.

The complex have 9 temples today and also have a pond and a bell temple. These temples are as below.

1. Shri Rameshwari Shyama Mandir : This is the most famous temple situated on the cremate of Late Maharajadhiraj Rameshwar Singh. a red colored temple is crowded by peoples visiting here throught out the year. It was built in 1933. A huge statue of Goddesss Kali is enshrined in this temple. This temple is famous not only for its grand our beauty and livelyness but also for the faith that people here get there wishes fulfilled if they worship with holy heart.

2. Madheshwar Mahadev Mandir : The only temple of the complex which is not on the cremate. The temple is of God Shiva (Mahadev) and as old as rameshwari shyama temple. It is situated just at the entry to the cremation ground.

3. Shri Kameshwari Shyama Temple : This temple is on the cremation of last Maharajadhiraj Kameshwar Singh situated on the west-south corner of the pond of the complex.

4. Shri Rudreshwari Kali Mandir (Goddesss Kali)

5. Annpurna Temple (Goddesss Annpurna)

6. Shri Lakshmeshwar Tara Mandir (Goddesss Tara)

7. Small Mahadev mandir

8. Durga Panchaytan Temple (Goddesss Durga)

9. An underconstruction Temple on the cremate of Rajmaata

10. Bell House : it also look like a temple but it is just a bell house having a huge brash bell.