The Mazar of Makhdoom Baba

It is situated at two km northwest from Darbhanga Railway Station and just between the both universities. It is the very popular secularism place. Here daily people from Islam religion as well as Hindu religion assemble for offering their prayers.

The name of priest graved here is Hazrat Makdoom Sah Nizam Kashmiri Rahmatulalay who was the native of Kashmir came here in the time of Akbar and served the peoples of Darbhanga irrespective of there religion and cast. Since then it is a place of secularism. Many stories are related to him and tourists may know them from the Khadim of Mazar.

the first khadim of this mazar was Khadim Mahroom Mohammad Nadi Raza Saheb, who served this place for nearly 40 years and given the duty to one of his son Khadim Mohhamad Mustak Ali Saheb, who is serving here from last 15 years. Khadim Mahroom Mohhamad Nadi Raja Saheb was also a secular priest and served the peoples irrespective of their cast and religion.

It is said that wishes of peoples visiting here definitely accepted by the God.

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