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Advertising on this site is very helpful to reach your global customer. To advertise here you just need to contact us on address in contact page and we will plan yor advertisment.

There are three type of advertisment on this site

  1. Sponsored Add on Various Pages
  2. Business Listing
  3. Classified Add


Sponsored Add on Various Pages

Info Section of the site

Sl    Page- DurationRate (INR)
1Darbhanga at a Glance- One Year    1000
2Bank Page- One Year1000
3LNMU Page- One Year1000
4School/College- One Year1000
5Hospital Page- One Year1000
6Other Page- One Year600


Tourism Section

Sl    Page- DurationRate (INR)
1Introduction- One Year1200
2Other Page- One Year800
3Section Exclusive Right- One Year    12000


Business Listing       Classified Add